Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tetrium?

Tetrium is a blockchain enabler. It is a cloud-based private blockchain that makes implementing blockchain technology a lot more simple for the masses.

Why Tetrium? Why not other popular blockchain protocols such as Ethereum?

To implement any ordinary blockchain protocols, one has to learn all the technicalities and understand those protocols inside-out. There is a very steep learning curve. Tetrium provides a high-level layer of abstraction that enables non-blockchain developers to use just simple RESTful API calls to create blockchain powered digital tokens. You can even dive straight in without learning any terminology of blockchain technology!

Is Tetrium suitable for my application/business?

Tetrium is suitable for anyone who wants to harness the power of blockchain in their applications/businesses. In fact in the near future, everything is expected to be "blockchain-ized", from how do we pay for goods and services, all the way to how we vote for our government.

Can I sign up for a Free plan and only upgrade to Premium later?

Yes, definitely. We encourage everyone to sign up a Free plan right away and experiment the power of Tetrium! You can always upgrade to Premium later when your usage increases beyond the free limit we provide to you under the Free plan.

How does the Enterprise solution differs from the Premium plan?

An enterprise solution is a customized solution for people/companies who need us to customize Tetrium for their specialized use. It may involve replicating Tetrium onto private servers, provision of special APIs and etc.

I'm operating a large organisation, should I go for the Premium or the Enterprise solution?

Unless your application has special requirements that you'll need us to tweak Tetrium for you, a Premium plan will be good enough for the majority of use cases.

I'm a non-profit organization interested in using Tetrium. Can I get financial support?

Yes! We are very keen to assist non-profit organisations working on meaningful causes that want to use Tetrium to make positive changes. Please contact us and we will make special arrangements for you. However, the level of support will differ based on a case-to-case basis.

How does Tetrium protects my privacy and my users' privacy?

We do our best in protecting all data in Tetrium and ensuring no unauthorised access is possible. Please read our privacy policy to learn more. However you shall do your best to ensure your users' privacy is well protected. Tetrium will not be responsible for any issues resulting from the negligence from your end.

My application makes very large amount of API calls every month, can I get a rebate?

Sadly no. We believe in fairness and if there's a way for us to lower our cost for you, we will apply it to everyone else.

When should I pay Tetrium every month?

Invoices will be issued every month based on the day you signed up with us. 15 days (from the invoice date) will be given to you to pay Tetrium. If no payment is received, the invoice will be considered overdue and your account will become inactive.

How do I pay for the Premium plan?

We currently accept all major credit cards and paypal accounts. You just have to sign into your dashboard and pay the unpaid invoices listed under "Billing".

How do I reactivate my inactive account?

As soon as we receive you payments for all the overdue invoices, your account will be automatically reactivated on the same day.

Can I cancel my Premium plan subscription anytime?

Yes. You can always cancel your Premium plan by downgrading to Free plan. However, please take note that such switch of plan from Premium to Free will only be executed at the end of the current billing cycle. The switching will be done automatically when that end billing date arrives and an invoice will be generated to you to make the very last payment.

What will happen to my account if I failed to pay the due invoices?

As mentioned in Question No 1, if you failed to pay your overdue invoices, your account will be suspended immediately and will become inactive. You can still sign in and use the dashboard, but you can no longer make API calls to Tetrium until your account is active again.

Can I delete my Free account?

Yes. You can do so by sending in a request to us through the ticketing system on your dashboard.

What is the difference between the traditional blockchain protocols, for example Ethereum, and Tetrium?

Tetrium is a layer of abstraction built on top of Ethereum to provide simplified ways for people to utilize blockchain technology. Tetrium is not a blockchain protocol itself. Tetrium is a private blockchain.

How secure is Tetrium?

Tetrium is powered by world-class secured cloud servers scattered around the world. Tetrium is as safe as any world-class application out in the market.

Will my data in Tetrium be broadcasted to the public networks?

No. Tetrium is a private blockchain and hence all data are kept within our own Tetrium network. Unlike common blockchain protocols that broadcast data to nodes around the world, Tetrium does not allow any outsiders to set-up nodes. Hence, all data in Tetrium is completely sealed from outsiders.

How does Tetrium ensure that no one can tamper the data in Tetrium, even the insiders, given that Tetrium is a private blockchain?

Tetrium has a mechanism that routinely post block hashes to the Ethereum public chain. Any tampering will be noticeable if the hashes in Tetrium and in the public chain do not match up perfectly. Hence, there is no way for tampering to occur, even internally.

Do you have any SDKs?

No, at least not yet. Our RESTful APIs are already very easy to use thus we think having any SDKs may not make sense. However, we might come up with one in the near future when we receive more of such requests. Write to us and let us know if you want one.

How can I get support when I have technical issues?

Just sign into your dashboard and leave us a ticket. We'll get back to you very fast. Worst case, not more than 12 hours.