Privacy Policy (the “Website”), (the “Dashboard”), and (the “API”) are the collective products and services (the “Products”) operated by Inspirilab Sdn. Bhd. (“Tetrium”, “we” or “us”).

This Privacy Policy section describes how Tetrium collects, records, stores and uses personal data obtained from an individual associated with the use of the “Products”.

1.  Definition of Personal Data

1.1.  The personal data Tetrium collects over the course of your engagement with the Products might include the following:

I.  Your full name;

II.  Email addresses;

III.  Company name (if any);

IV.  Home and/or work address;

V.  Phone numbers (mobile and/or fixed line);

VI.  Your usage activities on the Website, the Dashboard and the API.

2.  Why do we collect your Personal Data

2.1.  Tetrium collects, uses and processes your personal information for the following purposes:

I.  To enhance your user experience when engaging with the Products;

II.  To process your application for the use of the Products;

III.  To allow you to access limited-entry areas of the Website and/or the Dashboard;

IV.  To allow you to access and use the API;

V.  Perform analytics on your usage of the API;

VI.  To use for billing purposes and to maintain relevant historical payment records;

VII.  To notify you about the important changes/developments of the Product;

VIII.  To use for responding to your enquiries and/or complaints in order to resolve disputes;

IX.  To improve Tetrium’s existing products and/or services offering;

X.  To use for research and development of new products and/or services for Tetrium;

XI.  To use for the protection of the rights of Tetrium, including but not limited to the security and/or integrity of the Website, the Dashboard and the API.

3.  How do we collect your Personal Data

3.1.  Tetrium might collect your data through, but not limited to the following means:

I.  Through the use of cookies on the Website and the Dashboard;*

II.  Through the sign up form you fill up when you sign up for any of the plans of the Products;

III.  Through the additional information you provide to us when you fill up your profile information on the Dashboard;

IV.  Through the form you fill up on the contact us section of the Website;

V.  Through the form you fill up to subscribe to our newsletters;

VI.  Through the content of the support chats/tickets you write on support section of the Dashboard;

VII.  Through the content of any emails you write to us;

VIII.  Through the use of the API;

* Most internet browsers provide the option of turning off the processing of cookies. You may turn off cookies while browsing the Website and the Dashboard but this may result in the loss of certain functionalities; restrict your use of the Website and the Dashboard; and/or delay or affect the way in which these products and/or services operate.

4.  Your rights to your Personal Data

4.1.  You have the right to access and review any of your personal data Tetrium has collected and retained from you anytime through a request via email.

4.2.  You are responsible to informing Tetrium about changes to your personal data from time to time to ensure its accuracy. You have the right to request amendment/correction of your personal data by submitting a request via email.

5.  How do we protect your Personal Data

5.1.  The security of your personal data is our priority. Tetrium protects your personal data by:

I.  Restricting any third party access to any personal information, except under conditions where:

A.  Any of these third parties are Tetrium’s employees, independent contractors, subsidiaries, affiliates, consultants, business associates, service providers, suppliers and agents who have received consent from Tetrium to perform any of the duties serving the purposes outlined in Section 2 above.

B.  Tetrium has to respond to any judicial processes and provide information to law enforcement agencies or in connection with an investigation on matters related to public safety, as permitted by law, or otherwise as required by law.

II.  Maintaining relevant software and technology within the Website, the Dashboard and the API to prevent unauthorized computer access.

6.  External Links

6.1.  Certain pages of the Website and/or the Dashboard may feature links to external websites owned or operated by third parties. Tetrium will not be responsible for the content, information, operation and activities of those websites. Any disclosure of your personal data to those parties will be of your own responsibility.

7.  More questions

7.1.  You can always contact us via email ( for any inquiries related to this Privacy Policy.